EQUIP Groups


Each Spring and Fall, we will offer four to six learning conversations on specific topics of interest and important to our everyday lives. The purpose of these groups is to equip people with Gospel Truth and practical wisdom so as to continue to discover more of whose we are in Christ, to grow in living from the security we have in Christ, and to live more and more purposefully for His sake with Christ.

These groups meet together on Wednesday nights at 6:15PM from the beginning of February through the duration of their specific study.

Here are the four Spring 2015 EQUIP Groups:

Explicit Gospel” is a book by Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church, an SBC church north of Dallas / Fort Worth, TX. Dawn Page will be leading this learning conversation. This group will meet in the Young Adult Classroom on the 2nd floor above the gym. “Relevant” Magazine commented about “Explicit Gospel” in this way: “Explicit Gospel brings extraordinary clarity and creativity to what all assume is understood—but quickly realize has been forgotten.” Rick Warren said, “If you only read one book this year, make it this one. It’s that important.” Rediscover the Gospel of Jesus all over again.

Why do I need a budget? For that matter, how in the world do I budget? Why would I want to tithe, and why should it be a priority? Why save some and not just spend it all? What does the Bible have to say about money, anyway? These questions and more will be discussed in this essential learning conversation about one of the most practical as well as volatile areas of our daily lives. Join Angie Langley and Ken Bryant as they lead a conversation on “Personal Finances” in the Jars of Clay Classroom on the 2nd floor above the gym.

Children of the Day” is a Beth Moore small group study that will be led by Carolyn Tigrett. This particular group will begin at 6:00 due to the length of the videos and the follow-up discussion time. This group will meet in the FBI Classroom on the 2nd floor above the gym. “Children of the Day” is a verse-by-verse walk through 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. Beth Moore declares, “It is time to get back to the stuff of your calling.” This study challenges you to do just that.

How should we be studying the Bible? How should we be teaching the Bible? Do we mine for nuggets of knowledge that help us make it through another day, or do we discover the over-arching narrative of the One who so graciously and generously walks with us in our everyday? And will we invite others along with us to discover the gospel story throughout the pages of the Bible as we grow in Christ together. The goal of this learning conversation is to grow both in how we study and teach the Bible, whether in a classroom setting or in daily relationships. Led by Dr. Jimmy Dukes and Jason Dukes, this group will meet in the main auditorium (“the sanctuary”).

Email us with any interest or any questions you might have about EQUIP Groups.