Daily Rhythms

Jesus invited people to follow along with Him. He made it clear that following Him would not be easy, but it would be daily (Luke 9:23). The command for those who follow Jesus to love others and make disciples is one that is obeyed in daily rhythms – in the everyday relationships of our lives.

There are spheres of life that in which we all participate. Family. Neighborhood. Marketplace. Education. Recreation. Medical. And more. In and among the people we encounter in all of these spheres, we have an opportunity to live loved (John 13:34-35) – to trust that we are fully and securely loved so that we can freely and generously give love into the lives of those whom we encounter. Also, we have a chance to live sent – to live on mission with Jesus learning His ways and loving as He has loved us (John 20:21). How we wrestle with and believe and live out the Gospel of Jesus in our daily rhythms is the real story of the church and the actual stuff of “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Jesus has sent His church to make disciples among people we encounter consistently in the daily pathways of our lives. May we be a people SENT to LOVE. >>