Pastoral Team

Our pastoral team is not made up of the most important people with our church family, nor is it made up of the people who do the most important work. Every single member of this church family is vitally important to our part in the mission of Jesus.

In fact, the pastoral team serves more like “gatorade givers” to the people who are living out the real story of the church in everyday life. The pastoral team is made up of followers of Jesus, just like the other members of our church family. The only difference is that the pastoral team also serves to lead out in the equipping efforts for every follower of Jesus to be making disciples in their daily relationships.

Bottom line, the folks listed below are not centerpieces to the story of First Baptist Church, they are supporters of those who are living out the story God’s love come near 168 hours a week.

Bro. Jason Reed

Bro. Carter Smith
Minister of Youth

LuAnne Ford
Director of Music Ministries

Nanette Yarber
Pastorial Ministry Assistant

Vicky Brown
Financial Ministry Assistant

William Scott
Buildings and Grounds

Carol Dickerson

Shirley Taylor