i have ?’s

You got questions? We all do! And our spiritual questions are exciting, because they indicate a desire for truth and a yearning for life abundant. We have included some frequently asked spiritual questions below with some suggestions for their answers (check back for more thoughts to come). We don’t know all the answers, as we are simply learners like you. But those suggestions are thoughts we have had on those specific topics up to now.

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spiritual FAQ’s

_ what exactly is the Gospel?


  • why am i here?
  • why do i feel so alone?
  • why does it seem like no one cares, even the church?
  • who was Jesus, really?
  • people say “Jesus saves.” What do i need to be saved from?
  • how can i know i am going to heaven?
  • where can i go when i feel afraid?
  • what can i do when i am so angry?
  • what does the Bible say about divorce?
  • is there really a hell?
  • what books do you recommend reading to learn more about following Jesus?