On the first Sunday evening of every month at 5:15, husbands and wives and moms and dads and sometimes grandfathers and grandmothers get together for what we call our “Family Conversation.” It is a peer learning discussion on specific topics pertinent to where we are daily as married couples and parents. The ultimate goal is to encourage each other to grow in grace and send with gospel.

Discussion topics include:

  • how do i discipline my kid?
  • what does it mean to submit to my husband?
  • how can i respect my husband when he is so disrespectful at times?
  • how do we live on mission as a family?
  • can my kids “make disciples?”
  • how can we grow as a couple through busy-ness and crisis?
  • what should we emphasize with our kids?

And the one topic that is threaded in all of the above and recurs every meeting – how do gospel and grace come to bear on my family relationships?

Join us for our next “Family Conversation.” Come to learn and come to share what you have learned as a spouse and / or a parent.

Check out SENTkids.com for some resources for growing kids with grace and sending kids with gospel.