The History of Our First Baptist Family

First Baptist Church Booneville, MS was organized in 1868—a few years after the end of the Civil War—in a log school. In 1870, a gathering place was built. The church building was relocated in 1889-90 as a brick structure on a hill just east of the railroad depot. In 1912, that building was destroyed by fire. After the fire, a building was rebuilt on our current site. An auditorium was built and dedicated in 1917. That building still serves as our Fellowship Hall today.

The need for an expanded facility was discussed during the depression and war years, finally becoming a reality in 1948. During the late 1960’s, the dream for a larger gathering place was shared, and our present facility was dedicated in 1969. In the late 1980’s, our campus continued to grow with the purchase of additional property and completion of the Christian Life Center in 1990.

Of course, the church is not a building. Even though the history of a local church is often remembered by these dates of building advancement, First Baptist Church’s heritage is not just about facility. This church family has always had a desire to advance more than buildings. We hope to be known as a people who love one another as well as love neighbors and nations together embodying the Gospel of Jesus in Booneville and beyond.

First Baptist Church Booneville, MS associates locally with the Prentiss County Baptist Association, statewide with the Mississippi Baptist Convention, and nationally with the Southern Baptist Convention. Of course, we also gather with and serve alongside other Christ-centered churches of various tribes and organizations. You can learn more about our Southern Baptist association and beliefs by checking out http://www.SBC.net.